Are You Ready To Unlock Your Potential
To Move To Ultimate Peak Performance?

  • Would you want to breakthrough personal barriers and unleash new levels of potential?
  • Eliminate old limiting beliefs?
  • Install new empowering beliefs?
  • Embody great ideas and concepts into your muscle-memory?
  • Take an intential stance with your highest objectives and values.

What is Accessing Personal Genius?

Accessing Personal Genius is the Ultimate Personal Peak Performance Program. You'll discover what you need to apply internally to be a MENTAL WARRIOR and achieve your fullest potential. You'll learn how to do it, by mastering the step by step processes and skills to implement rapid, lasting changes in your life and the lives of others.

Developed from Neuro-Semantics, an advanced evolution of NLP for changes you can see quickly, and results you can count on; Designed for people from all walks of life, this program ensures you'll be able to instantly incorporate these behavior-based methods and skills into your daily life. So, if you are looking to develop mental strength, take massive action and visualize masterful victory like a MENTAL WARRIOR in as little as 3 days, then you can't miss this program!

Benefits of This Ultimate Training ...

Day 1: Develop Mental Strength Like a Warrior!
  • Learn how to take SELF-RESPONSIBLITY for what you feel, think, say and do so that you can move forward in your life.
  • Build up a strong sense of SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-CONFIDENCE with self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-awe.
  • Develop the ability to say YES to what you want, and NO to what you don't want and mean it. 
  • ENJOY your work and hobbies more, and OVERCOME bad habits and addictions that you don't want anymore.
Day 2: Take Massive Action Like a Warrior!
  • MANAGE and CONTROL your emotions instead of being controlled by them.
  • OVERCOME procrastination and STOP EXCUSES that make you delay success
  • Take MASSIVE ACTION on what you know is good for you and important to you.
  • See, hear and feel NEW POSSIBILITIES with laser beam solution focus.
Day 3: Visualize Masterful Victory Like a Warrior!
  • Learn how to be CREATIVE anywhere and anytime you want to.
  • Make sure all your PERSONAL VALUES support your goals in life.
  • Develop the strong identity and personality of a MENTAL WARRIOR
  • Make the LAW OF ATTRACTION work for you by finding your best reason for living.
"Accessing Personal Genius" is a highly interactive program bringing out your personal brilliance and excellence, involving experiential and accelerated learning"

Are you Ready To Start Living Like a Mental Warrior?

As a MENTAL WARRIOR, you will have a high degree of self-awareness and self-confidence, and the ability to take action without excuses, to walk the talk. You will also find it easy to be creative and to be committed to being a Peak Performer in your work and life!

Now, considering the tremendous impact this program has had on my own life, it is easy for me to say that attending this program is surely one of the best decisions you will ever make.

This program will help you to easily and quickly unleash your mental powers and achieve your dreams. If you have ever dreamed of realizing your full mental potential and receiving all the benefits that will accompany that, then the "Accessing Personal Genius" program is definitely for you!

Who Is This Training For?

After reading that long list content, you may be wondering whether this course applies to you....well if you wants to take your life to the next level by taking MASSIVE ACTION on what you know is good for you and important to you, then this training is something that you cannot afford to miss.

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Trainers, HR Directors, Consultants, Engineers, Lawyers, Sales Professionals, Teachers, Therapists, Psychologists, Marketers, Business Developers, Physiotherapists, Students, Parents and Anyone who desires to make positive change a reality.

And, Oh Yes, Let's Not Forget ...

Take a look at this. When you sign up for the "Accessing Personal Genius" NLP Training for Peak Performance not only will you get the 3 days Accelerated Training (9am - 6pm), learning the most advanced leading edge technology of Excellence available today, you also receive the following Bonuses for FREE!

image_text-here are your special bonuses
bonus 1
Massive Collections of NLP & Hypnosis eBooks & MP3 worth USD500
bonus 2
Unlimited Re-Fresh on "APG"
NLP Training for Peak Performance

(valid for 2 years after your day of APG Graduation)*

By now, I'm sure you'd like to know how much this unique and innovative course is going to cost? To be quite honest, you shouldn't be thinking about cost, you should be thinking INVESTMENT.

Sit down and ask yourself these questions:

  • How much would it be worth to you when you have the SELF-ESTEEM & SELF-CONFIDENCE to do anything you want, since you know you can't fail, and will succeed sooner or later?
  • To MANAGE and control your emotions, OVERCOME procrastination and STOP EXCUSES that make you delay success?
  • To make the LAW OF ATTRACTION work for you by finding your best reason for living?
I don't know about you, but it has taken me more than 100,000 DOLLARS and 10 years of travelling around the world to learn from the best trainers in the field of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Body Language, Deception Detection & Hypnosis.

And it Gets Even Better - Your Satisfaction Is Completely Guaranteed!

image_satisfaction guaranteed

I am so confident that you'll be able to build up a strong sense of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence with self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-awe, in as little as 4 hours that I'm giving you an unbelievable money-back guarantee!

Quite simply, you get to experience the first half day of training completely at my own risk, before deciding whether or not it's the right decision for you.

And then, if you're not satisfied, you simply have to let me know by lunch time ON the first day of the training and you'll get a no-hassle refund.

The only condition is that you must actually show up and go through that half day of training and give yourself a chance to experience everything. And that's only fair, right?

Because it's pretty difficult to show you the value of what you're getting unless you actually bother to turn up! According to many successful people - The first step on the road to success is to show up!

You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest in This Program

As you can see here, everything I've offered here is simply an offer you cannot refuse, and I am also completely committed to your success. This certification program overflows with so much vital, specific information to enable you to start having a strong vision for your own life and the self-empowerment to move towards that vision.

Just think how much of a difference having this skills and abilities would make to your life, because by the time you've completed this 3 Days Accessing Personal Genius Program, you'll have more confidence in yourself as a whole.

And you'll have the executable skills to be able to produce positive changes in others as well.

So, if you're really serious about increasing your personal effectiveness and have a strong vision for your own life and the self-empowerment to move towards that vision with as little effort as possible, you can't wait:

You Need To Take Immediate Action By Investing On This 3 Days Accessing Personal Genius Certification Program for only RM1,800.00

Word - Early Bird Special
Here' what I've prepared exclusively for you to make sure that you don't have any reason whatsoever not to come.

When you confirm your participation by 31 Jan 2020 for my next "Accessing Personal Genius" Certification Program on 27 - 29 Mar 2020, I will give you an additional RM300 discount. You pay only RM1,800* (only applicable for cash or cheque payment only)
What? So much value at so affordable a rate? Surely there must be a catch - Yes there is! There are only limited places available. So you better act fast! In fact, I make most of my income from high margin corporate NLP training but I have a different philosophy of social contribution when it comes to public programs. I believe that NLP Technology is useless unless people have access to it at an affordable rate.
So, I'm making it more affordable for people on purpose. Some NLP trainers have informed me that they are not happy with the rates I am charging but I don't care because I care about YOU more. In fact, if you can find another NLP Programs that gives so much value at so affordable rate - I would gladly refund you the entire difference!
Remember there are only very limited spots available for this training program. And with me charging this ridiculously low amount, it's fully in your best interests to sign up NOW while you can!

So, It's Time For You To Make a Decision Right Now!

Are you going to wait - thinking it over for a while only to return to this page and discover that the program has already been filled up?

Remember, the numbers are purposefully being kept low at just 16 only so that you get the advantage of a much more personal attention than other would ever enjoy at a larger event. By the way, my previous "Accessing Personal Genius" Training was FULL.

"Andrew, I'm Convinced!"
This is the Best Accessing Personal Genius" Certification Training

Payment Method 1
Cash Bank In or Cheque

*Payment Method 2
Credit Card

*The additional RM100
is PayPal service fees.

Oh yes.....before I end. Upon completion of the "3 Days Accessing Personal Genius Certification Training" you will be awarded with the "Accessing Personal Genius" certificate from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) located in Colorado, USA.

Fantastic! Now That You Have Made Up Your Mind ... Here's How To Sign Up!

image_text-get all the details below
image_text-follow these simple instructions
  • Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email and official receipt

I always stand here with the singular goal of your success. I've worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life by the end of the training, however just to be sure, then feel free to call my Personal Assistant Fiona at +6 012 2881813 for an obligation free meeting to discuss your needs first before you sign up or you may email directly at

Since we receive many calls daily, if our telephone line is busy, please call again.

Either way, for your sake, please take advantage of this opportunity.

To Your Success,

Andrew Tham
Certified Trainer of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Body Language,
Deception Detection & Competency Education

P.S: Remember there are only very limited spots available for this Accessing Personal Genius Certification Training, and with me charging this ridiculously low amount, it's fully in your best interest to sign up now while you can.

P.P.S: The explosive combination of strategies and secrets you will learn in this program will aid you in every aspect of your life. Apply them to your personal and professional life and you will see your pay or sales increase tremendously. And the benefits you will experience in the other areas of your life are invaluable, immediate and immense.

P.P.P.S: Finally, remember it's has taken me over 15 years to learn these skills, spending over hundred thousand dollars, travelling the world, finding the best NS-NLP and Hypnosis trainers to learn from. And now you can access the BEST of this world-class knowledge and skills - in 3 FULL days of incredible training for a fraction of that investment.

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