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15 Days Neuro-Semantics & NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

This is The Most Power-Packed, Intensive And Useful Training You Could Attend! This Training Goes Beyond The Jargon of NLP And Shows You The Secrets of How NLP Really Works.

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You will learn and master the techniques that have made NLP famous. You will also discover the latest developments from Neuro-Semantics (the Meta-States Model, the Matrix Model and Self-Actualization Model), Clean Language (the Metaphor Model) and the Social Panorama Model.

Workshop Outlines on the Path to Mastery

Master Practitioner training is to extend the skills of the Practitioner in order to further enhance and enable personal and professional change. The training aims to provide the skills for integration and development of the techniques learned at Practitioner level, through an extended study of systems, modelling and advanced strategies.


Re-Discover, Develop and Master your Practitioner Skills

Understand these underlying patterns so you can refine and streamline your skills. Move beyond reliance on techniques. Personalize and integrate how you use the material. The emergent approach to learning NLP enables the user to communicate spontaneously and naturally, with their own style and vocabulary.

A practitioner can respond flexibly to the patterns they observe in other people’s communication instead of relying on scripted formats (NLP techniques). When applying NLP to themselves, the practitioner is able to self-model, (track and transform their own patterns and/or code) and to demonstrate new patterns of behaviour

Emphasis on the Genius of Modeling Yourself and Others

The emphasis in our Master Practitioner training is on learning to model yourself and others, and on developing an experiential (first) and conceptual (second) understanding of the epistemology (how we know what we know) as well as the methodology (how we do what we do) of Neuro-Semantics and NLP (NS-NLP).

Module 1 (3 Days) - Accessing Personal Genius

You will learn patterns that can be applied to enhancing your relationships with family, friends and the people you work with, improved communication skills, negotiation skills, cognitive ability and organizational skills. More importantly, with the Meta-States Model, you will learn to detect patterns and build models of human behaviour for yourself.

As a result, you will be able to evolve your skills in an ongoing way. Being able to model means you can learn anything under your own direction. The ability to model your own and other people’s skills and patterns open up the doorway to a wide range of human excellence suited to any area of life where you want to enhance or develop your performance.

Module 2 (3 Days) - Achievement Modelling Genius

Modeling is the essence of NLP and the thread which draws all the other elements together. At the beginning of the workshop, you select your own modelling project to work on throughout – applying what you learn as you learn it and benefiting from on-going assistance and feedback from your fellow participants and the trainers.

The Matrix Model allows you to explore the frames upon frames of how we structure our world. We all live in the own matrix of the world – now this is an opportunity for you to explore, choose, utilize and change the semantics of your world.

Identify beliefs and values through their linguistic structure, recognize the levels of belief, use spatial and verbal methods to resolve belief conflicts, apply belief utilization and change patterns. Recognize and deal with values’ hierarchies, values, conflicts, values’ criteria. Work with motivation patterns through enhancing and changing values and beliefs. Furthermore, you will discover that Abraham Maslow was the forerunner of Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

The Hierarchy of Needs is actually a Volcano for Motivation! Maslow showed the What but not the Why or How – which is manifested in the Self-Actualization Model developed by Michael Hall.

Module 3 (2 Days) - Advanced Profiling Genius

Recognize these out-of-awareness filters or pre-dispositions which influence a person’s understanding, decision-making and actions.

Learn how to recognize the principal Meta Program patterns and ‘clusters’ of patterns, the linguistic indicators of Meta Program, how a person’s Meta Program guide their choices and needs and how to use your awareness of Meta Program to greatly enhance your ability to influence.

Integrate your use of both Practitioner and Master Practitioner approaches, and especially the language models, to enhance your ability to influence in powerful and ecological manner.

Module 4 (2 Days) - Advance Framing Genius

Explore this huge range of advanced reframing patterns which can be used seamlessly in everyday conversation and with which you can assist a person in examining and altering limiting beliefs and values, resolving self esteem problems, and changing how they perceive and respond to difficulties and setbacks.

Module 5 (2 Days) - Advance Persuasion Genius

The Milton Model language patterns in the practitioner training offer a wonderful introduction to hypnotic language, and this module takes those skills to a new level, adds formal induction techniques using all the main styles, and demonstrates the principal hypnotic phenomena.

Besides the methods of Milton Erickson and Dave Elman, we will also discover the applications of Clean Language (the Metaphor Model) from David Grove and the Social Panorama Model from Lucas Derks.

How Will You Benefit ...

Master Practitioner is an advanced training for practitioners of NLP who want to enrich, refine, deepen and generalize their NLP skills. It will give them a thorough experience and understanding of the underlying patterning of NLP and develop their ability to model anything of interest to them.

  • Master your destiny and your life
  • Get others to do what you want and loving it
  • Read people like a book and influence them easily and naturally
  • Exude massive charisma – get people to like, listen and respect you
  • Control your own “hot” button
  • Learn to push others people’s button at will
  • Master subconscious communications and master the magic words of waking hypnosis

Master Practitioners can create and develop specific applications of NS-NLP to any area of personal or business interest and have sufficient skills in NS-NLP change work to enter private practice.

You Will Learn How To ... 

  • Master your NLP skills for personal and professional growth
  • Develop mastery in the Five Pillars of NLP – outcome thinking, sensory acuity, flexibility, rapport and state management.
  • Influence with integrity using advanced communication skills
  • Develop the skills in use of Milton Language patterns and trance patterns
  • Use Metaphor for influencing others elegantly and subtly
  • Figure out people patterns and develop excellence in the use of Meta Programs
  • Master the latest in change techniques relating to identity, beliefs and belief systems.
  • Develop your skills in strategy elicitation and modeling
  • Develop mastery in life coaching and mentoring
  • Use NLP for group and team learning and development
  • Discover what you were born to do and be the person you want to be.

Who Should Attend? Why You Want Join Us ...

  • You want to accelerate your growth and development
  • You want to learn more about modeling and replicating talent
  • You want to understand people patterns and the structure of human personality
  • You want to be a transformational agent, a manager, leader or entrepreneur and are responsible for driving changes
  • You want to know how to work with beliefs, criteria and values
  • You want to master the art of influencing people and
  • You want to be able to help others reach their potential
  • You want to be stimulated, challenged and rediscover your passion
  • You want to be your own life coach and make a difference.

Total Module Duration

  • 15 Days
The NS-NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program is an International Licensed Training Program based on Neuro-Semantics (NS) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Completion of this program will enable participants to receive 5 International Certificates issued by the world-renowned International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) from Colorado, USA:

  • Accessing Personal Genius
  • Ultimate Self-Actualization
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Semantics
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Meta-Trance
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